Summer is finally with us and that means the season of festivals has arrived. Whether you are into rock, indie, folk or heavy metal, it pays to be organised when getting ready for a few days of music in a field or forrest somewhere in the UK. This means booking your coach travel, but also packing everything you need.

If you have never been to a festival before, then you may be looking for a few pointers. It’s amazing what might come in handy that you never even thought of. So please read on for our quick guide to the essentials.

Pack for rain and shine

The unique thing about festivals in the UK is that you could feasibly encounter several seasons in one day. This means being prepared and packing both your wellies and your sun block. A rain poncho will also come in useful, as will a hat to keep you from getting burnt.

Toilet roll

While the porter loos are likely to have a plentiful supply of toilet roll at the beginning of the weekend, this may well have run short by the time thousands of festival-goers have arrived. Pack your own and wrap it in a plastic bag to keep it dry.

Wet wipes

With no access to a shower, wet wipes become your best friend when it comes to personal hygiene. Bring a packet and you’ll be popular among your fellow festival-goers, who will all want to pinch one.

Camping gear

Making sure you have a tent and sleeping bag may be common sense, but bring extra camping equipment, such as a mat to lie on and a foldaway chair to sit on once the music has finished. These will make your experience more comfortable.

Something to identify your tent

It is amazing how similar tents can look at night and some people may have bought the same model as you. With thousands of tents in a field, it can be difficult to find yours. Bring along a flag, banner or something of this nature that will help you get back to yours quickly.