It has been a long winter, but before we know it, the summer will be here, bringing with it lots of opportunities to enjoy ourselves. Hiring a coach from The Big Coach Company is a stress-free way to negotiate the transport conundrum for a variety of activities and days out.

Here are five ways to take advantage of The Big Coach Company services this summer:

1.      Family days out

If you’ve got a large extended family or are keen to group together with other families to take the little ones on adventures this summer, then a coach is the answer to all your troubles. Whether you fancy a trip to a theme park or the zoo, a National Trust property or a day out in one of the UK’s thriving cities, a coach will transport you all there and back without the burden of worrying about directions or finding parking spaces.

2.      Sports days

Not all schools have playing fields or athletics tracks on-site, which can be a nightmare when it comes to the annual sports day. If parents need to get their kids to a separate location then it can become a logistical nightmare. Teachers can rely on The Big Coach Company to transport all the children plus their equipment to wherever the event is taking place, meaning everyone will arrive at the same time.

3.      School trips

If you’ve ever tried to take a large group of children on public transport, you’ll know it’s easier said than done. Never mind the hassle of counting them all onto the bus or train and off again, there’s also the challenge of getting them to stay in their seats and give a good impression to the general public while in their school uniform. Whether it’s the weekly swimming lesson or a trip to a historical site, cut out the stress by opting for private hire coach instead.

4.      Festivals

Summer and festivals go together like fish and chips, and if you’ve got plans to spend a few days in a field listening to music, chances are there’ll be a whole crowd of you going. With plenty of space to pack the tents, sleeping bags and cool box, a coach is the easiest way to get you all there. And if your festival days are over and you’re concerned about your children’s summer plans, suggest to them that they hire a coach – they’ll thank you for it later.

5.      Weddings

Transport is one of those elements of a wedding that often goes overlooked, but can cause real problems if it isn’t organised properly. Get all of your guests from the ceremony location to the reception venue without having to give out numerous renditions of the directions. The Big Coach Company even offers a double decker bus for hire, which will comfortably transport up to 85 guests to your venue.